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août 24, 2016

APROTEK® will expose at POLLUTEC 2016!

From 29th of November to 2nd of December in Lyon will stand the 27th edition of POLLUTEC international exhibition of environmental equipment technologies and services. APROTEK® will be there to expose and present its new applications of superabsorbent for sludge…

août 24, 2016

APROTEK® was at the Trade Fair HYDROGAÏA!

APROTEK® was present on the 25th and 26th of May at the Water International Trade Faire Hydrogaïa in Montpellier, south of France. The theme of this year 2016 was Water Resources Management. APROTEK® fall under this theme thanks to its…

août 24, 2016

APROTEK® – Along with its Belgium partner TERRACORRECT

APROTEK® was for its sludge treatment and environment markets  by the side of its Belgium partner TERRACORRECT’s side during the exposition Seedays 2016 happening in Gand in February 2016. On Thursday 25th February, an exposition with TERRACORRECT’s booth presented APROTEK as its official…

août 24, 2016

APROTEK® – Specialist in supply of superabsorbent products

Once again, APROTEK® is making the local news for its work on the dredging pond. APROTEK® “is an efficient company in sludge treatment” declare the article. The company is a very reactive entity that can supply superabsorbent products no matter…

août 24, 2016

APROTEK® – Pond dredging (Sludge solidification)

APROTEK® supplies superabsorbent polymers on a dredging site in order to dry up the sludge inside a pond of 1,569 m2. The superabsorbent products are easing excavation and transportation of accumulated sludge. (Le Progrès, November 2015).

août 24, 2016

APROTEK® is innovating with superabsorbent

In Mai 2015 for the first time APROTEK® (supplier specialist in superabsorbent products for liquid waste management such as sludge confinement) is published in the magazine Le Journal des Entreprises. Investments have been done for R&D and formulation, aimed to…

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