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COLMATEK, for waterproofness of lagooning.


APROTEK specializes in providing drying powders helping with problematic issues related to sludge confinement, water absorption and retention, waterproofness and gelation of liquids.

Drilling mud treatment

Drilling muds solidification thanks to APROMUD® superdryers.

Dust management • equestrian centres •

APROSOIL® products for dust management!
• equestrian centres •

Superabsorbent polymers absorption

Watch our superabsorbent polymer real-time reaction!

Sludge solidifier

Appreciate the effect of our superabsorbent polymer for sludge dewatering process.

Dredging, sludge solidification

Lagoon dredging realized with APROMUD superabsorbent products range. Solidification of sludge to facilitate excavation and optimize tranpsortation.

Paint hardener

Demonstration of APROMUD® superabsorbent products’ waste paint hardener and waste colorant hardener.

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